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Payment Method: Stripe


Shipping & Return Policy:


We will send you a tracking confirmation as soon as processing & handling is completed for Domestic (USA) & International (Worldwide). As stated, once your ordered is processed we cannot do REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Due to the high demand of items, there is limited stock on each item, so if a customer order error occurs, all sales are are reviewed and based upon results deemed final if the error was not on the Once items have been shipped and are with the carrier we are no longer responsible.  In the event of any lost, stolen or damaged shipments the buyer assumes all responsibilities of claims made with the shipping carrier. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all shipping information is correct at the time of order. During order fulfillment, we are not allowed to change the address once the order has been placed. 


Please make sure that the following are all updated and correct for the addresses:

  • Address/PO BOX

  • Zip Code

  • City, State

  • Apartment Number (if applicable)​​​​​​​​


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